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Michelle Sweet - 09 Dec, 2019

I met a man from Australia I rambled to my best friend Briana over drinks at our favorite bar, Houlihans a day after I got back. I met him while on my tour of the Netherlands, but I slept with him prior to the tour even starting. My tour was to start Saturday night with a dinner for the whole tour group, but my flight from Chicago to Lisbon, Portugal was delayed two hours which made me late for my connection to Portugal which made me miss the group dinner with all of my potential friends. I decided to get a nightcap at the hotel bar so I could fall into a deep sleep since one drink basically makes me drunk (major lightweight at 110 pounds), no college keggers for me. I ordered my beverage of choice a raspberry vodka lemonade. I sipped my drink and looked across the bar at this tall, demure gentleman with piercing blue eyes. I sized him up a bit and may have eye fucked him a tad. I made eye contact with him and started to feel the tipsy arousal of my liquid courage. I winked at him and he smiled and walked over to join me. We talked and flirted for a bit as I got drunk. I then walked/stumbled back to his room. We fucked like animals for a few hours before we fell into a cuddled up mess of sleep. I woke up to my alarm signaling the start of the tour. I looked over to him, super asleep almost like what I would imagine a hibernating bear to be. I quickly got dressed, found my sandals lodged in random places in his hotel room and debated writing him a note. I had a heady conversation with myself and logically determined that giving him my phone number would be a mistake. I didn't even know his name I thought to myself, and I have a loving boyfriend at home. Fast forward an hour and I was showered, dressed, and feeling fresh af thinking about my sexual romp with a stranger and hoping that I would not have an awkward breakfast run in with him. I gathered in the lobby to wait for my tour group to get their acts together so we could start the party. As the roll call was continuing our tour guide David stared around trying to match names with faces much like the typical first day of class experience. I gazed and sized up the groups ages, appearances, and tried to determine whom I would get along with the best mature porn. I followed everyones eye contact when they settled upon the next person on the tour list: Rob Sparks. The Rob that I had apparently fucked for hours the previous night/current morning. I stared into his bright blue eyes and saw what appeared to be curiosity and arousal when he looked back at me. Holy Fucking Shit I squealed internally, my one night stand is now on my vacation. Could this shit get anymore fucked up? I turned away and tried not to vomit up my European disaster of a caffeine brew. Where the fuck is a proper Starbucks here? A barrage of naked images of him flooded my mind: his huge dick (me wondering if it would even fit), his bouncing balls that hit my ass as he fucked me doggy style, his eyes, holy hell, those eyes that peered into my soul as he fucked my brains out. Have I ever met a guy with such sexual stamina? Fuck no. Not to mention his Australian godlike voice that made me wetter than an Amazon rainforest during the monsoon season. Pure wanton physical ecstasy. As our tour guide continued on with his high schoolesque agenda I noticed out of the corner of my eye Rob slowly approaching me. Thinking to myself to play it cool, I forced myself not to look at him. Our tour guide stopped rambling and advised us to get on the tour bus since our adventure to visit the canals was about to start. I bolted ahead of the group, trying to run as fast as possible so I could try to comprehend this whole situation. I found a seat in the back of the ginormous bus and busied myself with figuring out how I could deal with being on vacation with my one night stand. As the bus loaded I felt my unease ratchet up a few levels. I felt him before I saw him sliding into the seat next to me. Casual. As. Fuck. Especially for a guy that just dicked me up for hours. I wondered how many edibles I would need to consume make this situation less of a clusterfuck. I started laughing hysterically, as I do whenever I am nervous or generally mind fucked. Are you feeling okay he asked me in his koala swooning voice? Are you okay with us sitting together he asked me in this cute awkward way. I simply nodded my head and stared at him. He put his arm around me and called me his wiley American shag. It was only then that I really did realize that he must be in his 40's, a silver fox. I fucked a silver fox, what is wrong with me?! How bizarre is it that I am obsessed with older men I chided myself yet again. I'm Melissa and you must be Rob, nice to meet you now that I am sober and clothed. Fancy meeting you last night at the bar, even better night he slyly whispered to me and winked. I suppose we should get to know one another since I am absolutely amazing, I giggled to him. Gah I giggled. I sound like such a school girl. I snuggled up into him and smelled him which helped with the nervousness. This must be a normal thing to do after sleeping with a stranger I thought. My oh my he is super cuddly, that would not have been my first though after our escapades last night. I found myself falling asleep, and felt something slide into my bum slowly. I woke up with a start, and knew that Rob was fingering my bum. He must have put a blanket over us while I was asleep so he could violate me without the other guests noticing I thought excitedly. I whispered to him that I could not wait for tonight, and that I wanted his large dick in my bum. After the tour ended for the day, and we had an afternoon to ourselves we found ourselves exploring the town together and seeing the canals. We then grabbed some dinner, I had a lovely salmon with a garlic butter sauce and a salad, while he ate a huge steak and potato fitness girls. Such a manly meal I thought to myself in amusement. We walked back to our hotel as we talked about genetically modified organisms. I found myself getting even more turned on by his brain and how intelligent he is. We ended up at the hotel bar where I tried a mojito, and he had a beer. The conversation flowed easily with him while we talked about our careers, and life. After drinks we walked back up to his room where he asked me about me wanting him in my bum. I told him that I was very curious as I had not had anything up there yet, but that it had felt so nice when he had played with me there earlier. He carried me to the bed, pulled up my skirt and started lubing up his finger. He slowly slide one finger in my bum and with his other hand slowly played with my pussy and my clit. Gently massaging me in both holes. I was not sure if it was my submissive nature or that he was holding me tightly or him being in control of getting me off, but it made me so horny. I felt him slip another finger in my bum, and felt him start to get hard. I started playing with him and knew what would happen next. He slowly slipped his fingers out of my bum, and started sliding his dick in me. He pushed slowly into me, and asked me if I was okay and if there was pain. For me it was just arousal and I wanted him to keep going. I felt him go in deeper while he still kept fingering me and gently swirling inside me. He then rubbed my G-spot and I came quickly. He kept going slowly inside my bum, while pleasuring me in my pussy as well. I felt him kiss my neck and nibble my ear and could tell that he was going to explode soon into me. I felt his cum in me and felt myself have another orgasm. I screamed so loudly, the feeling was amazing and felt his fullness. I felt him slowly slide out of me as he carried me to the shower so we could clean up. Showering with him was amazing, and turned me on even more that I started kissing him deeply, rubbing against him, and prepared for shower sex. There was a bench in the shower and he sat down as I slowly sat on his hard friend. I eased myself onto him and slowly started to ride him. I put my hands around his neck to hold on for the bumpy ride. His hands squeezed my boobs, and I felt him start to give me a hickey on my neck. I bounced up and down on his dick until we both came again. At this point I was so exhausted I needed to sleep so we both dried off fell asleep together, and snuggled. I spent every day of the tour sitting next to him, enjoying the conversation, and how comfortable it was talking to him. Almost as if I had known him my whole life. It was completely unexplainable to me since I am such a private person, and was so easily able to bare my soul to him. He made me feel so at ease and I found myself so enamored by him. One of my greatest insecurities was having men my whole life only look at my body, and not spend the time to get to know me or realize that I actually have quite a bit of substance xxx sharing/. Most men are actually shocked that I have a degree in Finance, a degree in Economics and graduated college with honors as well and that I am currently working on a masters degree. Fast forward five days of vacation, sex, debauchery, and it was the last day of the tour. I was quite conflicted about this knowing full well that this guy was one of the best lays ever, we had a great emotional connection, but that he lived halfway across the planet from me. After much thought I realized that I would be good with him being my best friend, and that him being my boyfriend was out of the question. I felt a deep level of comfort talking to him, and feeling as though I could tell him anything, but I also knew that we would drive each other mad if we became boyfriend and girlfriend. The tour continued during the day, and ended with a group dinner. Rob and I sat next to one another at dinner and he touched my thigh. It was dark in the restaurant and I was starting to get really tipsy from my one vodka lemonade. I looked over at him as he was talking about Star Wars when I felt his finger go up my thigh and go into me. I looked over at the surprise on his face that I was not wearing panties. He slowly went in and out while I got wetter and wetter. He then quickened the pace and really led me to an intense orgasm. I nearly screamed but had to bite my tongue since everyone was at the table. I then took my hand and put it on his thigh under the table. I started slowly massaging his thighs slowing moving up towards his manhood. I slowly touched his dick and balls while staring at him suggestively. I did get a bit more aroused and squeezed his balls a bit as well. I suspect that unless the tour group we were with was blind or deaf, that they had an idea as to what was going on under that table. After our last dinner and dessert of cheesecake we went to my hotel room. He picked me up since he is so much taller than me, and we started making out while he carried me to the bed. I could feel myself and him getting very excited. He slowly took off my clothes, nibbling my boobs with his teeth in an animalistic way. He then pulled my hair, grabbed my ass, and spanked me. I then helped him take off his clothes and started playing with his large dick. I pushed him onto the bed and started kissing him from his lips down to his dick. I sucked his balls in my mouth and felt myself getting even wetter, sucking him slowly, then quicker and quicker until I could feel him get so hard. I took the tip of his member into my mouth and gently flicked my tongue, I could taste his pre-cum. He then took his two large fingers, lubed them up, and slide them in me. I screamed since it felt so good having his fingers in my tiny hole. He slowly pushed me back onto the bed and pushed my legs over my head as he slide into me. I moaned in ecstasy since he was able to go so deep into me with this position. He fucked me slowly and then started going faster as he flipped me over and started pounding me. I could feel myself start to slowly lose it as he went deeper and deeper and held me tighter as we both exploded. I could feel him slowly massage my boobs and roll me over to lay on his chest. We then fell into a deep slumber, and I was awakened by my alarm going off on my phone so I could start preparing to leave to catch my flight. I woke Rob up, and started the beginning of saying goodbye. By this point we already were Facebook friends and I knew that him and I would be able to stay best friends so I was not too sad about this whole situation. I actually had planned to visit Australia and New Zealand the following year as well so I knew we could hangout as well then. I wished him well, and when I got home started to talk to him pretty regularly. He easily became my best friend much to my boyfriend's dismay. To this day we are still best friends.